Floral Green

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Floral Green overdrive is a TS styled 2 channel mid-boosting overdrive workhorse. It offers 8 different clipping options, two selectable gain channels with 3 frequency modes for each channel.
Clipping determines the nature of the drive, everything from tight compressed, clean transparent boosts to open crunchy overdrive goodness. With each mode you can select the frequency response all the way from thin mids boost to fat heavy overdrive. Gain A is lower gain channel and Gain B offers a high-gain distortion mode.
Floral Green enables you to go from a little overdrive push of the amp to beautiful mid or high gain overdrive with just a click of a switch.


This product is intended to be used with a high-quality isolated power supply. It uses 9V DC negative center 2.1mm barrel. Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit, voiding the warranty. Our products do not have battery snaps or battery compartments due to ecological reasons.
Current draw for this pedal is ~10mA


VOLUME: Controls the output volume

CLIPPING switch: this pedal offers 8 different clipping options that change the nature of the overdrive

1 - silicon/schottky asymmetrical clipping
2 - silicon diodes clipping
3 - silicon/LED asymmetrical clipping
4 - LED clipping
5 - LED clipping
6 - germanium clipping
7 - mosfet/silicon asymmetrical clipping
8 - no diodes

*Each clipping option affects the volume of the pedal differently. E.g. germanium diodes clip the sound at very low volumes (6)

TONE: Brighter clockwise, warmer counter clockwise

BRIGHT switch
(ON) livelier tone with more treble
(OFF) warm full tone with more bass

GAIN A: Sets the gain for the Channel A

GAIN A modes: overall tone and gain structure
Standard: mid-boosted tone
Fat: more bass-boosted tone
Fat2: even more bass-boosted tone

GAIN B: Sets the gain for the Channel A

GAIN B modes: overall tone and gain structure
Standard: mid-boosted tone
Fat: more bass-boosted tone
Gain: High gain option

WARNING: on some louder clipping options, with BRIGHT switch ON and a High Gain option on GAIN B, you could experience some unwanted noise that you can tame by lowering GAIN B


Our products carry two-year full warranty for ANY problem related to the function or operation of the pedal due to faulty parts and/or other internal problem. We do not cover things such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to abuse.
Modding, soldering and tampering with internals of the pedal will void the warranty.